Prolongevity: New Evidence of Anti-Aging Effect of Resveratrol

For years, it has been known that resveratrol is one of the most effective anti-aging compounds studied. Beneficial effects on lifespan have been demonstrated across many research organisms, including worms and flies. In 2003, resveratrol was identified as a molecule which could activate SIRT1, mimicking the life extending benefits shown by calorie restriction. Furthermore, resveratrol also activates the anti-aging Nrf2 pathway, and AMPK which enhances NAD+ availability. (1) Cellular NAD+ levels are linked to longevity. 

In a new study, the silkworm was used to further illustrate the life extending effects of resveratrol via significant improvement of antioxidant activity.. Oxidation is a key factor is anti-aging and shortening of the lifespan.(2)

Resveratrol was shown to activate antioxidant function in the silkworm via increased activity of the GST enzyme, key in the antioxidant enzyme system.

RESVERATROL ACTIVATES the GST Antioxidant System via

  • SIRT7 (activation) ---> activates FOXO --> activates GST (antioxidant) 

This research further validates the beneficial life extending benefits of resveratrol.

PURPLE LONGEVITY (Resveratrol : Pterostilbene)



(1) Li Z, et al. Aging and age‐related diseases: from mechanisms to therapeutic strategies. Biogerontology. 2021 Jan 

(2) Song J, et al.  Resveratrol elongates the lifespan and improves antioxidant activity in the silkworm Bombyx mori. J Pharm Anal. 2021 Jun

Gail Paige
Gail Paige