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Movement is life. The ability to increase blood flow and enhance energy producing mitochondria function is essential for everyday functioning and maximizing physical performance. This further includes healthy sexual function. Since movement is life, the better our heart and arteries function, the more we can move, the healthier we are. Furthermore, the easier it is achieve movement the more likely we will maintain a higher level of physical health.

  • Cardiac Function - The stronger the contraction of the heart muscle the greater output of blood, and the less effort exerted by the heart. With age the cardiac contraction gets weaker, and less blood is pushed out of the heart on each contraction. This lessens the ability to perform at a higher physical level. Since blood flow will become the limiting factor.The herb terminalia arjuna has been used in India for centuries as a cardio tonic, in support of stronger heart function.(1)
  • Arterial Blood Flow - The health of arteries is dependent on the ability of arteries to maintain elasticity and flexibility. Inorganic nitrates (e.g. spinach) provide a source of exogenous nitric oxide to support relaxation of the arteries. This helps regulate blood pressure. In conjunction with a strong cardiac output, healthy blood flow can be maintained even with aging. Arterial stiffness, and the inability to relax the artery, is a common health problem with aging. 
  • Mitochondrial Optimization -  Nitrates deliver a energy surge from the mitochondria! The mitochondria in our cells are the oxygen-consuming and energy-producing powerhouses that utilize oxygen and produce energy more efficiently after nitrate consumption. Research has demonstrated that dietary nitrates tend to lower the oxygen cost of exercise and enhance endurance performance. A study published in Cell Metabolism (2) reveals that a short term increase in dietary nitrates results in a boost to the muscle efficiency during exercise thereby improving performance by increasing the efficiency of the mitochondria. 



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Gail Paige
Gail Paige