Rhodiola - New Longevity Pathways

Rhodiola is traditionally known as a promoter of physical and cognitive vitality. However, research is beginning to shine light on the extensive anti-aging benefits of rhodiola extract and its active constituents. As a mediator of longevity, rhodiola has been shown to increase lifespan independently of dietary restriction, which involves activation of SIRT1. Therefore, rhodiola extends life via other pathways and provides a realistic alternative to dietary restriction. Also important, is the role rhodiola plays in the health of the mitochondria. Salidrosides, an active constituent of rhodiola, enhance mitochondria biogenesis and respiration, decreases toxic mitochondria superoxide levels and protects heart cells against exhaustive exercise induced damages.

LONGEVITY NATURALLY (250mg per serving of Rhodiola))



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Gail Paige
Gail Paige