Keeping Joints Fit and Mobile - Collagen Bioactives FORTIGEL®

One of the primary detrimental features of aging is the loss of mobility. Due to increasing levels of inflammation and daily mechanical stress, joints gradually lose the cartilage necessary for pain free mobility. This becomes especially evident in the knees.

Collagen bioactives have been shown to stimulate the production of cartilage and helping to maintain cartilage. In published research, Fortigel® collagen bioactives were demonstrated to significantly increase cartilage tissue metabolism. Fortigel® is an innovative ingredient from the German company GELITA, which supports the replenishing of joint cartilage.

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study was performed at the Tufts Medical Center in cooperation with Harvard University, involved 30 participants with early knee osteoarthritis. After 48 weeks of administration,  participants showed a statistically significant increase of proteoglycan (cartilage) density in the medial and lateral tibial regions of the FORTIGEL®- treated patients compared to the placebo group. This was confirmed by MRI scans. While this study focused on osteoarthritis, evidence suggests that collagen bioactives will also support cartilage maintenance of healthy cartilage.(1)





(1) Gelita Fortigel Research. 2015.

Gail Paige
Gail Paige