Hype - Rejuvenation of Skin

REJUVENATES SKIN: Skin Renewal and Anti-Aging



For more beautiful skin.  When we think of ideal skin, we most likely envision the softness, suppleness, fullness and radiance of that of a baby. As a baby, the skin has not yet experienced the degeneration of the skin associated with time and age. It has not had the chronic exposure to UV radiation over the years, to environment toxins and pollutants or the natural aging processSkin Young Like a Baby in the body. All of  which leads to increased levels of oxidative stress, glucose damage, DNA damage and the decreased ability of the skin for self-renewal.

While it may not be possible to attain the skin of a baby, Hyper Longevity™ contains potent ingredients that can support reversing aging conditions of the skin cell and environment, and promoting healthier and rejuvenated skin. Furthermore, with healthier skin, the rate of skin aging can be reduced, enabling the skin to maintain its youthfulness for significantly longer as we age.


• Promotes Healthy Skin Appearance (Glow), Softness, Elasticity

 BEAUTIFUL SKIN. Hyper Longevity™ increases the levels of antioxidants while decreasing levels of oxidative stress. This significantly improves skin cell health. Skin cells are healthier and longer lived, supporting a healthy, beautiful skin appearance with improved radiance. Hyper Longevity™ contains some of the STRONGEST LIPID ANTIOXIDANTS, which are of particular importance to protecting and stabilizing the cell membranes of skin cells. Again, the result being more beautiful skin!

INHIBITS OXIDATIVE DAMAGE ASSOCIATED WITH SKIN AGING. Oxidative damage in the skin promotes wrinkles, thinness of the skin (due to skin tissue breakdown), skin discoloration, abnormal changes in the skin cells, and dehydration. Hyper Longevity™ further promotes resistance to UV damage, in which oxidative damage plays a major role in the harm that UV does to the skin.