XGevity™ 100 VCapsules


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XGEVITY™ Supports Healthy Aging and brain function in the Modern World! Smartphones and electronics are everywhere. We are exposed to more radiation as ever, including environmental (UV radiation, radon, medical diagnostic equipment). Medical diagnostic testing involving X-rays and CAT scans can damage DNA, which may significantly increase the risk of cancer. The world has changed. We are interconnected as never before, and we are continuously immersed in new technology and environmental pollutants (e.g. hydrocarbons, iron) which affect our health. While the benefits of our new technological age are significant, research suggests that the long term exposure to this new hi-tech environment, and other threats in our environment, may have undesirable consequences to our health and longevity potential. Nrf2 activators(including glucoraphanin) in XGEVITY are potent cellular protectors, and support health against modern threats. Glucoraphanin is a precursor of sulforaphane which has also been shown to mitigate glycation in the brain, which is a major contributor to brain degenerative diseases including Alzheimer's Disease.  Ingredient Research for the Modern Millennia.

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