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Cardiotonic Formula. Supports health and function of Heart Muscle, Athletic Fitness, Sex! 120 veg capsules. Discount Qty Pricing!

Supports health of the heart muscle. An important component is Rejuna® Arjuna, the bark from an Indian medicinal plant (Terminalia arjuna). Rejuna™ is a special aqueous extract of Arjuna which has been shown to have the most effective cardiotonic benefits.(1-3)  Also contains Red Spinach Extract, a rich source of nitrates, using an extraction process that maintains highest percentage of nitrates with undetectable levels of oxalate.

Arjuna supports fitness and exercise by improving cardiorespiratory endurance. Over an 8 week supplementation period, health young adults showed cardio vascular improvement during aerobic exercise. including an increase in max VO2 (maximum oxygen consumption). Max oxygen consumption improved 4.8% while max power output (assessed by sprinting analysis) increased 3.6% (4)  Additional support for aerobic fitness and athletic performance is provided by spinach extract (nitrates).

Spinach extract (nitrates) also significantly improve mitochondria efficiency. Dietary nitrates have been shown to have a profound effect on basal mitochondria function. Research has demonstrated that dietary nitrates tend to lower the oxygen cost of exercise and enhance endurance performance.(6)



  • Possesses multiple cardiotonic benefits
  • Enhancement of myocardial function in animal models of chronic heart failure.
  • Improvement of arterial function (endothelium).
  • Improves contraction strength of heart muscle. Referred to an inotropic effect.
  • Supports vasodilation of the coronary (heart) arteries.
  • Support for minimizing arrhythmias.
  • Inhibits progression of atherosclerosis (lab animal study)(5)
  • Support for cardiovascular endurance during physical exercise
  • Provides full cardiovascular support in combination with Vascular Strength™

  VASCULAR FITNESS & SEX BENEFITS of Red Spinach Extract (Oxystorm™):

  • Significantly improves the endurance levels and overall performance of
    • trained athletes, sportsmen and body builders
    • Others (during regular exercise or to boost performance during any strenuous activity)
    • Minimum 9% nitrate content (Spinach Extract)
  • Regulates and improves blood circulation throughout the body by increasing the diameter of blood vessels and assisting the endothelial cells in controlling and relaxing blood vessels.
    • Allows for an increase in blood flow during cardiovascular and muscle-building activity.
      • Addresses hypertension and has several cardiovascular benefits (manages artherosclerosis, blood sugar imbalances, improved insulin response and supports endothelial function) (7, 8)
      • Improves mitochondria efficiency for creating a nitrate surge for instant energy
      • Improving athletic performance by increasing the efficiency of the mitochondria.
      • Short term increase in dietary nitrates results in a boost to the muscle efficiency during exercise (6)
        • Enhances sexual performance by increasing blood flow

         Oxystorm™ is a trademark of Arjuna Natural.



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