Air Vitality™ 100 VCapsules


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Advanced Protection for Air Travel! Premium Air Vitamins™. 100 veg capsules. Discount Qty Pricing!

Air Vitality™  is a proprietary formulation of natural Air Vitamins  scientifically developed to support the health needs associated with air travel. VITALITY for mind and body during air travel!

Included in the formula are natural support ingredients which act as adaptogens to balance stress levels, support the health of the cell (including DNA), and provide healthy support for airborne pollutants and immune system. Significant concerns of air travel include increased levels of inflammation, exposure to increased levels of radiation (ionic radiation) and being confined to small areas and possible exposure to viruses and bacteria. Increased levels of inflammation are a consequence of exposure to fine air pollutants (from planes, increased car and bus traffic, and smoke pollutants) - which can cause significant inflammation in the lungs and throughout the body. Cellular inflammation and damage to DNA can be caused by increased exposure to higher levels of radiation as well as inflammation from pollutants.

Harmful effects may be cumulative, meaning that every flight may be adding to the existing health effects from prior flights.

Air Vitality™ is taken starting one week before the trip, as to build-up cellular defenses, continued during air travel, the time at the destination, and the return trip.  One (1) bottle of 100 capsules (four capsules per dose) will last for a two week trip (starting one week prior to departure). In addition to providing support for air travel,  Air Vitality™ may also be taken as a daily supplement to provide anti-aging support in the everyday world - which has many of the same health concerns as air travel. 



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