New Millennia. Sources of Health Threats.

Exposures that pose potential health threats in the new millennia:

  • Electronic Magnetic Radiation (EMR)
  • Wireless technology (smartphones, routers, Wi-Fi)
  • Air pollution - small particle pollutants (not visible - but very unhealthy)
  • Air travel - High altitude, crowded conditions, time changes
  • Pesticides (in foods, environment)
  • Computers (desk, laptop, tablets), TVs, hi-tech cars, air planes
  • Wireless routers
  • Chemical exposure is virtually everywhere - almost everyone has chemical residues (potentially harmful) in their body - In fact, in the US alone, there is an estimated 74 billion pounds of chemicals produced (or imported) every day which may be acting as toxins in our bodies.
  • Radiation (radon gas, medical testing equipment, air travel, outdoor exposure)
  • Car & truck pollution (exhaust fumes), factory pollution, carbon emissions
  • Cities and Travel hubs (airports, highways, train stations)
  • High stress from lifestyle, crowds, jobs, traffic