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FAST DNA REPAIR: Verbascoside

DNA: ANTI-AGING & DNA REPAIR  (Verbascoside)



Healthy aging is highly dependent on a stable and accurate DNA genome.  DNA is very fragile, and is easily damaged by oxidative damage from UV radiation and other sources (including normal biological activities in the body). Whenever DNA is damaged, the body attempts to repair the DNA through a mechanism dependent on enzymes which are synthesized by the body. However, this process is slow, normally taking days in which the repair can be made. During this extended period of time, the damaged DNA may lead to other problems in the body, including cancer initiation. Furthermore, repair by enzymes is dependent on the enyzmes themselves. The accuracy of the enzymes produced by the body, and the ability of the enzymes therefore to fix a DNA break,  becomes an issue with increasing age. Aging inherently causes defects in the  transcription process and protein encoding necessary for enzyme production.   FAST DNA REPAIR: Verbascoside

The ability to rapidly and accurately repair damaged DNA is therefore essential to ensure aging is reduced and longevity maximized. An important polyphenol from italian olive pulp, verbascoside (in HYPER LONGEVITY), has been shown to non-enzymatically repair damaged DNA at SUPER FAST RATES. In fact, since the DNA repair does not involve enzymes, the repair takes place in a matter of nano-second versus days. Further, the accuracy of the repair IS NOT AFFECTED BY AGING, like normal enzymatic DNA repair.  

Teleomere Shortening and DNA Damage.  Skin is a constantly self-renewing tissue and is extensively generating new skin cells. Aging and senescence of skin cells occurs when the teleomeres become so shortened that they are unable to replenish the skin layer. Teleomere shortening is indicative of aging in all cells. Normal aging of the skin (and aging in general) is accelerated by oxidative damage to the DNA, which increases the rate of teleomere shortening.(2) Rapid DNA repair may inhibit the aging of the skin by slowing the shortening of teleomere in skin cells.   



DNA damage to the body is ongoing, due to numerous oxidative generating factors, including damage from normal sunlight (UV radiation). While the body attempts to fix the break, this process is dependent on enzymes, and is very slow. Verbascoside, a unique polyphenol, demonstrating both a very high antioxdiant capacity, and the special ability to FAST REPAIR damaged DNA. Anti-aging and longevity is highly dependent on turning "on" and "off" the genes which lead to greater lifespan. However, also very important in anti-aging is the need to quickly repsond to damaged DNA and to to repair the DNA. Verbascoside is an ideal adjunct to longevity gene activators in order to promote heathier and longer life.  



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