Hyper - Crominex®3+

Crominex(R)3+: Safe and Effective Chromium for Glucose Management

Crominex®3+ Safe and Effective Form of Chromium
            (For Optimization of Blood Glucose Levels)


High glucose levels is a significant age accelerator for the skin. Glucose binds to supporting collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, and results in damage to the protein and loss of elasticity. Glucose binding to collagen fibers causes damaging cross-linking and glycation, which results in aged and unattractive skin. 



• Very effective chromium for glucose management
• Patented form of Chromium
• Uses only Cr3+ (biological form) Chromium, which is non-toxic
• Crominex®3+ is complexed with CAPROS® (standardized Phyllanthus emblica fruit extract) and PrimaVie™ (purified and standardized Shilajit).

• Signs of chromium deficiency:

o Elevated blood glucose, insulin, cholesterol and triglycerides, and decreased high density lipoproteins (HDL) in human.
o More severe signs of chromium deficiency include nerve and brain disorders.

• DOES NOT convert from Cr3+ (safe from) to Cr6+ (toxic form) of chromium via oxidation. Other forms of chromium undergo this conversion to different degrees. No CR6+ is present in Crominex®3+ Chromium either before or after oxidation, unlike other forms of chromium.
• CAPROS® covers all the coordination sites of Cr3+, so that Cr3+ is not oxidized to Cr6+
• PrimaVie™ improves ATP (energy) synthesis, impaired by diabetes

• Health benefits of Crominex® 3+

o Supports lower levels of glucose
o Supports reduction in glycation
o Feel more energetic
o When blood sugar is managed properly, an increase in the energy levels can be felt
o Metabolize foods more quickly
o The right amount of chromium can improve metabolism helping fight the dreaded 'battle of the bulge' — a fight that so many of us face as we get older
o Feel better all around
o Balanced Cr3+ and blood glucose levels help promote overall good health and good feeling