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BioCell Collagen(R) | Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid for Skin Aging

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Structural Support for Beautiful Skin. Occuring naturally in the skin, collagen and hyaluronic acid are essential for maintaining youthful, more elastic and beautiful skin. In young skin, collagen and hyaluronic acid are produced and replenished by the dermal skin cells (fibroblasts), but this synthesis decreases during aging of the skin.(1) Wrinkle formation is correlated to the loss of these supporting skin components.

Biocell Collagen®, used in HYPER LONGEVITY®, is a premium source of  collagen and hyaluronic acid. A  breakthrough human study on facial aging, a study involving women aged 35-59, demonstrated the safety and significant efficacy of orally ingested BioCell Collagen in improving the visible signs of aging and dermal aging. (4) Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid for Ageless Skin


•  Collagen 

An integral skin structural protein. Collagen is an important part of the connective tissue framework, providing strength and integrity to the skin. In the skin, connective tissue forms the extracellular matrix in the dermal layer.

•  Hyaluronic Acid 

Provides extra "plumpness" to skin. Hyaluronic acid fills in the space surrounding the skin cells with moisture cushioning. Attracts and binds water and provides “plumpness” and fullness to the skin. Young skin has very high levels of hyaluronic acid. 


    - HYPER LONGEVITY® Benefits:
 Supports Increased Levels of Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid and Extracellular Matrix

In the skin product HYPER LONGEVITY®, easily absorbed hydrolyzed collagen and bioavailable hyaluronic acid provide beneficial effects in the following areas:

• Supports maintenance of health connective tissue in body (and skin)
• Supports maintenance of the structural protein collagen skin.
• Supports replenishing hyaluronic acid content to the skin.
• Hydrolyzed collagen stmulates fibroblast (the predominant skin cell in the dermal layer) cell proliferation and hyaluronic acid synthesis.(1)
• Alpha Lipoic acid and vitamin "C" further stimulate new collagen production by the fibroblast skin cells in the extracellular matrix. (2,3)



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