Gold and Yellow Benefits

Gold & Yellow Anti-Aging Research:      
Improving and Controlling Longevity


New advances in longevity research continue to slowly unravel the mysteries behind the aging process, and what can be done to slow or even reverse this process. As more discoveries are made in research facilities around the world, it is becoming clear that nature itself has done a remarkable job in providing the basis for healthy aging and longevity. Interestingly, many of the natural compounds which may provide exciting   potential in the area of anti-aging are also most evident by their colorful arrays. Yellow is among the most exciting! Research is currently be conducted in yellow anti-aging (in general) as well as aging as it applies to mental health (anti-anxiety and anti-depression) cardiovascular aging, cancer, brain & memory(also supporting inhibition of amyloid beta protein formation),  men's anti-aging, vision,  joint anti-aging, skin anti-aging, obesity, diabetes and other health areas.


Natural extracts yellow in color, for example, are showing amazing potential in longevity and healthy aging studies in the laboratory. Among the most researched and showing exceptional promise are the flavones (a class of flavonoids) including apigenin,  quercetin and luteolin. EGCG is another important flavonoid known as a catechin. The name "flavone" is derived from the latin flavus which means yellow. Furthermore, the yellow pigment that gives turmeric its distinctive yellow color, curcumin, is perhaps the most studied and is yielding significant contributions to the field of anti-aging. A form of curcumin, called tetrahydrocurcumin, is involved in FOXO longevity activation.


Yellow Anti-Aging: Research

• Anti-Aging Gene Regulation / Cellular Senescence Gene expression to slow aging and promote health.  Important anti-aging genes: SIRT1  Nrf2  FOXO. Also, modulation of genes involved with cancer. 

• Autophagy – Correlated to Longevity.  Autophagy improves cellular efficiency and funcioning. Autophagy is also known as "cellular self-eating".

• Maintaining Protein Homeostasis  Well functioning protein metabolism in the cell is considered a profound factor in influencing longevity.  In laboratory experiments, the binding of protein fibrils and aggregates (dysfunctional proteins such as amyloid) extended lifespan by 45% in lab experiments! 

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