Anti-Aging - Key Areas

Key effects of Anti-Aging Ingredients

GENE ACTIVATION. Promoting activation of genes associated with longevity and anti-aging. Most notable is activation of SIRT1, the gene which is also activated during calorie restriction, which has been well established as a method for extending the life span of organisms. Also in a study ofc.elegans, quercetin mediated lifespan extension involved additional genes, including daf-2.(45) 

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY. Increasing levels of inflammation is associated with all diseases in the body. As we age, levels of chronic inflammation increase, contributing to greater breakdowns in the body and even more inflammation. Inflammation significantly accelerates aging in the body.

ANTI-OXIDANT. Oxidation in the body results in the gradual “rusting” of the cells and organs, resulting in deterioration and decreasing functionality of the body.  

High levels of circulating glucose “age” the body by
irreversibly binding to protein in the body, a process known
as glycation. Glycation can rapidly increase aging by increasing levels of inflammation and rendering the
important body protein non-functional.