Air Travel : Radiation | Air pollution | Immunity

Air travel exposes the traveler to many stresses. Especially important include:



Exposure to radiation while traveling by air is unavoidable. Body scans at security check points,  low frequency radiation (from electronic devices) as well as high intensity gamma radiation (also known as ionic radiation), all of which may alter the cells. resulting in damage and possible genetic (DNA) damage. Most damaging is gamma radiation, which comes through the plane at high altitudes.

 All types of radiation may damage DNA, and if not repaired immediately, may lead to cumulative damage to the DNA and affect cell viability. Damage to cellular DNA is also a significant promoter of cancer. Many of the ingredients in Air Vitalityhave been shown to have radioprotective properties.

A common cancer among pilots and flight attendants is the skin cancer melanoma. Andrographolide, an extract from andrographis paniculata, has been shown in research to strongly inhibit melanoma tumor growth (1), and is an important component of the proprietary complex in Air Vitality™.


It is now believed than even moderate continued exposure to air pollutants may significantly increase the risk of brain decline and cardiovascular events, especially strokes.(2) Airport related pollutants are especially harmful, including ultrafine particles, black carbon and nitrogen oxides during take-off. (3) Dual gene targeting by increasing expression of NRF2 (a cellular response protector and detoxifier) and the inhibition of inflammatory gene activator NFKappaB (responsible for inflammation of the lung due to air pollution) provides important support to ameliorate the effects of air pollution and other external toxins. Sulforaphane (generated from Glucoraphanin) is a potent NRF2 activator, and supports detoxification of air pollutants.(4)

A study on atmospheric pollution and the effects of NRF2, conclude that "NRF2 has an important role in the defense against atmospheric pollutant-induced toxicity".


Air travel is stressful. Such stress can lower the immune system response, before even getting in the plane. Upon boarding the aircraft, things get worse.  Diseases can be spread very easily in the confines of a plane cabin. Due to the close proximity of the passengers, air borne transmission of bacteria or virus remains a very real concern, Furthermore, unsanitary tray tables, arm rests, and toilets areas (door knobs, sink, toilet), are breeding grounds for microbial contamination. Therefore, maintaining proper immunity is critical to minimize the potential for infection. Air Vitality provides strong immune system support.

In all, the full experience of air travel can have a negative affect on health and lead to acceleration of the aging process.  Air Vitality™  is a potent natural formula specifically formulated to support the health needs associated with air travel.  See also www.HEALTH.FLIGHTS  ™.



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