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RETINAGis an advanced vision support complex, utilizing highly researched yellow and gold  botanicals which has shown potential benefits for vision.

RETINAG™ research indicates support as follows:

  • APIGENIN - Inhibits microglia activation, which significantly contributes to  photoreceptor degeneration (1) Supports inhibition of neovascular disease of the retina, via reduction of endothelial cell proliferation.(2)  Included is the angiogensis involved in diabetic retinopathy. Further, the breakdown of the blood-brain-barrier (BBB) is an early event in the development of diabetic retinaopathy. Apigenin mitigates the breakdown of the BBB, by inhibiting microglial activation.(3-4)
  • SAFFRON -  May support inhibition of intermediate and late stage Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) more effectively than lutein and zeaxanthin.(5)  Research indicates saffron constituents crocins and crocetin may protect retina from inflammation and oxidative stress.(6) May Support reduction of ocular hypertension (Glaucoma), by inhibiting inflammatory cytokines. (7)
  • BERBERINE  - Supports protection of Mueller cells in the retina from high glucose damage in diabetics. Mueller cells are critical for the support and homeostasis of the retina. Berberine enhance autophagy thereby reducng damage of Mueller cells.(8)
  • CURCUMIN - Highly absorbable curcumin, may reduce oxidative stress in the retina, thereby acting as a retina protectant.(9) 





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