CURCUMIN PXC® 60 VCapsules


Curcumin Proteostasis Herbal Complex with Autophagix™ Complex including Fisetin and Pterostilbene. 60 veg capsules. Discount Qty Pricing!

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Curcumin PXC®- The Proteostasis Curcumin®
• Curcumin and other ingredients which support proteostasis
  • Proteostasis is considered the most significant factor in longevity
  • Proteostasis is the ability of the body to maintain precise processing of protein. Includes autophagy - the ability to eliminate defective cellular structures and renew the cell, maintain proper folding of proteins, and maintaining precise RNA encoding
  • Autophagy is one of the most powerful tools in maintaining proteostasis
  • Senolytics - Compounds which remove senescent cells from the body. Senescent cells are non-functional "zombie" cells, and give off toxic substances to adjacent cells.
  • Curcumin and Fisetin are senolytic compounds with fisetin being the most powerful senolytic. (1,2)
  • In lab animals, the removal of senolytic cells greatly improved the quality of life of the animals.
  • Fisetin administered to lab animals late in life extended by mean and maximum life span of the animals.



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