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HYPER LONGEVITY® is an advanced anti-aging formula, which supports molecular anti-aging gene activation as well as higher level anti-aging functioning.



  •  Rosemary Extracts (Ursolic Acid / Rosmarinic Acid)
    • Ursolic Acid:
    • Longevity - Involved in Dietary Restriction Longevity via Sir 2.1 and JNK pathways.(1,2)
    • JNK-1 is actively involved with longevity by trans-locating the FOXO/DAF16 protein into the nucleus whereby activating anti-aging effects.(3)
    • Activation of the DAF-16 (FOXO equivalent in nematods) is ESSENTIAL for longevity in c. elegans.(4)
    • Protein Homeostasis, Reduces toxic Protein Aggregation (1) Effective protein homeostasis is a major key in longevity, and is attributable to the extremely long life of naked mole rats.
    • Intestine anti-inflammation
    • Rosmarinic Acid:
    • Longevity - Studies indicate that rosmarinic acid extended longevity in lab animals (c. elegans).
    • Arterial and Skin Elasticity. Rosmarinic acid may be beneficial is reducing glycation related damage in the arteries and skin, thereby improving arterial and skin elasticity in healthy adults.(3)
    • intestine anti-inflammation
  • Fucoidan (Brown Seaweed Extract)
    • Fucoidan:
    • Sirt6 Activator (anti-aging sirtuin)
    • Sirt6 Protection of intestine
    • Stem Cell Mobilizer
    • In animal lab studies, shown to improve atherosclerotic lesions (8)
  • Jujube
    • FOXO Activator
  • Myricetin -
    Significantly extends lifespan in research animal c. elegans by activating longevity factor DAF-16 (homologous to FOXO in mammals),(9) In addition, myricetin acts as a mitochondria activating agent. Increases exercise physical endurance by promoting mitochondria density via activation of SIRT1(10).
  • Baical Skullcap (Baicalin)  - Anti-fibrotic activity.
  • Ashwagandha
    • Stem Cell Longevity - Supports active stem cells, via increases in proliferation and by delaying stem cell senescence.(5)
    • Activates & Maintains Anti-Aging Pathways. Serum levels of two important anti-aging decrease significantly with age. These include FOXO3A and SIRT3. In recent studies, ashwagandha was shown to increase and maintain serum levels of FOXO3A and SIRT3.(6)
    • Ashwagandha also modulates insulin signaling pathways, which is a factor in FOXO activation.(7)



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