Travel by plane is a necessary convenience in the modern era. However, travel by air can have a stressful effect on the traveler and accelerate the aging process.

Air travel heightens exposure to higher levels of radiation (at high altitudes and security screening), increased exposure to EMF (electromagnetic field radiation from electronic devices) emissions, increase intake of air pollutants (small particulate carbon lung inflammatory irritants - at the area surrounding the airport - from cars and planes), increased exposure to potential viruses ad bacteria in the confined and crowded areas, immobility in your seats (increasing blood sugar and potential for reducing efficiency of blood flow) and increased stress levels (and cortisol stress hormones) dealing with the hectic and high stress of security screening as well as the experience of actual travel on the plane. Time zone differences add to the stress, and affect internal body rhythms, with the potential of increased susceptibility to illness and disease.

AIR TRAVEL: Radiation | Pollution | Immunity