Fucoidan - Brown Seaweed Extract to Reverse Aging

Exceptional longevity in the population of Okinawa Japan is believed to be dietary, and most significantly due to their high consumption of brown seaweed. The anti-aging component in seaweed has been identified as fucoidan. Fucoidan is a sulfated molecule which has been studied extensively for health and anti-aging benefits.

  • Stem Cell Mobilization -
    Fucoidan supports mobilization of stem cells from bone marrow into blood stream, via increased expression of CXCR4, and may enhance healing throughout body, including vascular and heart.(1)
  • SIRT6 Activation - SIRT6 is a longevity promoting sirtuin protein, similar to the better known SIRT1. Fucoidan is an SIRT6 activator.(2) Among the anti-aging benefits, SIRT6 is a key regular of genome and telomere stability, DNA repair, controlling NF-Kappa (inflammation pathway)(3) and supports maintenance of beta cells in the pancreas in type 2 diabetes (5)
  • SIRT6 Expression Affects Longevity. Increases in SIRT6 expression is associated with increased longevity. (3) Deficits in SIRT6 are associated with premature aging.(4)
  • Attenuates Amyloid-beta Accumulation. In experimental aninmal, c. elegans, fucoidan signicantly reduced the accumulation of amyloid-beta, a signifcant factor in Alzheimer's Disease,(6)
  • Stimulates Immune Response.  Fucoidans enhance immune reponse which may be beneficial in inhibiting cancer. (7)
  • Healthy Intestinal Wall Barrier. The source of much inflammation in the intestine and in the body occurs when the intestine barrier breaks down due to injury or illness. Fucoidan supports the integrity of the intestine wall barrier by increasing levels of claudin-1, an important component of the intestine wall. In experimental studies, fucoidan was shown to repair injured intestines and even gradually restore villi.(8)  Furthermore, authors of another study indicated that by improving the intestinal wall barrier, fucoidan may offer a potential area of treatment for inflammatory bowl diseases whereby the intestinal barrier is impaired.(10)
  • Healthy Microbiotic Diversity in Intestine. Fucoidan promotes healthy microbiotic content, including the increase in anti-inflammtory short chain fatty acid producers (e.g. Coprococcus, Rikenella, and Butyricicoccus)(8-9)


HYPER LONGEVITY (Fucoidan - Brown Seaweed Extract)




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Gail Paige
Gail Paige