Exercise Performance - VO2Max for Performance with Age

As with most body functions, exercise performance decreases and muscle function decline with age. Key to anti-aging exercise is the maintenance of the ability of the heart to ensure power, balance, maximum oxygen consumption (VO2 max) and healthy blood pressure in humans.


  • Arjuna Extract - Supports healthy heart muscle tone, and improves heart contraction ability. Arjuna has been shown to support endurance in athletic performance. In a study involving young adults, terminalia arjuna increased VO2 max. Further, authors of the study concluded that arjuna may enhance cardiovascular endurance and athletic performance.(1)
  • Red Spinach Extract (Source of Nitrates) - Provides dual source of energy for mitochondria - for a surge in energy - and increase muscle efficiency during exercise.(2-4) In fact, red spinach has one of the highest concentrations of nitrates, (more than twice as high as beet root) with no oxalic acid / oxalate content.

Key Benefits of Red Spinach Extract

1. Significantly improves the endurance levels and overall performance of
a. Trained athletes, sportsmen and body builders
b. Others (during regular exercise or to boost performance during any strenuous activity)
2. Regulates and improves blood circulation throughout the body by increasing the diameter of blood vessels and assisting the endothelial cells in controlling and relaxing blood vessels.
3. Allows for an increase in blood flow during cardiovascular and muscle-building activity.
4. Addresses hyper tension and has several cardiovascular benefits (manages artherosclerosis, blood sugar imbalances and supports endothelial function)
5. Enhances sexual performance by increasing blood flow

Magnesium Bisglycinate - Magnesium  supports health heart and artery function.





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Gail Paige
Gail Paige