Citrus Bergamot - the Small Italian Citrus with Very Big Cardiovascular Benefits

Ideal Natural Cardiovascular Support. If there were an ideal natural support ingredient for cardiovascular health it would include the following:

    • Significantly increase HDL
    •  Lower triglycerides
    •  Lower blood sugar
    •  Decrease LDL - most importantly the small VLDL (very-  low density  lipoprotein) 
    •  Also avoid the significant side effects of statin drugs.

      Contrary to the opinions of many doctors, cholesterol is essential for health and life! Furthermore, the larger sized LDL may not have a significant effect on cardiovascular health (with balanced HDL levels). In fact, larger LDL is essential for the function of the body, including cell membranes, synaptic junctions in the brain, and production of Vitamin D and sex hormones and should not be significantly reduced. VLDL, however is dangerous. It is a carrier of both triglycerides and cholesterol and easily infiltrates and damages the lining of the artery and accelerates atherosclerosis. High levels of VLDL are correlated with high triglycerides and coronary artery disease.

      Nearly perfect. Bergamonte® is the proprietary extract of Bergamot and virtually meets all the criteria for an ideal supplement for cardiovascular health.

      At a dose of 500mg per day (preferably before meals), in several major clinical studies involving patients with hyperlipemia, hypercholesterol  or metabolic syndrome, Bergamonte® was shown to have the following affects:

      • reduced total Cholesterol 22% 
      • increased HDL 22%
      • reduced LDL 24%
      • increased large LDL (30%) / decreased small dense VLDL (30%) 
      • reduced triglycerides 30%
      • reduced blood glucose 19%




      (1) HP Ingredients research 2015

       Bergamonte® is a registered trademark of HP Ingredients

      Gail Paige
      Gail Paige