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Powerful Yellows of Nature Support for Brain Aging

November 15, 2015

Brain aging is one of the inevitable signs of aging. Cognitive decline and dementia takes many forms, among the most common is Alzheimer's Disease (AD). AD is estimated to comprise 60-70% of all dementia cases worldwide. Similarly, the report from the World Health Organization (WHO) states that "dementia is one of the major causes of disability and dependency among older people  worldwide." (1)  At this time, the only medicines available to treat AD only treat the symptoms and have no effect on the progression of the disease. In the near future, it is estimated that cases of AD will grow at an alarming rate, given the aging of the world's population. Aging is the primary risk factor for Alzheimer's Disease....

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Keeping Joints Fit and Mobile - Collagen Bioactives FORTIGEL®

November 12, 2015

One of the primary detrimental features of aging is the loss of mobility. Due to increasing levels of inflammation and daily mechanical stress, joints gradually lose the cartilage necessary for pain free mobility. This becomes especially evident in the knees. Collagen bioactives have been shown to stimulate the production of cartilage and helping to maintain cartilage. In published research, Fortigel® collagen bioactives were demonstrated to significantly increase cartilage tissue metabolism. Fortigel® is an innovative ingredient from the German company GELITA, which supports the replenishing of joint cartilage. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study was performed at the Tufts Medical Center in cooperation with Harvard University, involved 30 participants with early knee osteoarthritis. After 48 weeks of administration,  participants showed a...

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Berries – Major Source of Healthy Anthocyanins C3G & Other Bioactives

November 06, 2015

Natural berries are among the richest sources of bioactive compounds (1-2), which play significant roles in health maintenance, including as antioxidants, anti-inflammation, cardiovascular, eye and brain. Anthocyanins, which provide the distinctive colors of berries (reds, purple, blues), are among the most effective bioactives for the promotion of health. A very important anthocyanin is C3G (Cyanidin-3-O-glucoside). Besides the beneficial health effects in the eyes and cardiovascular system, research has linked C3G to longevity. Using C. elegans as the experimental organism model, high percentage C3G purple anthocyanin extracts extended mean lifespans by 10%. (3) The mechanism involved with life extension involved the activation of the FOXO transcription factor analog (DAF16). FOXO is the transcription factor associated with extreme lifespan. Also noted in...

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Naked Mole Rats - Clues to their Exceptional Longevity

November 02, 2015

Naked Mole Rats (NMR),  native to parts of East Africa, are extremely long lived rodents, living up to 8x's longer than comparably sized mice. This is equivalent to a humans living to be 800 years! Better yet, the NMR maintain their vitality and health to almost the end of their lives, including brains which are resistant to degeneration. So, what is behind such extreme longevity? The key is enhanced cellular protein homeostasis. (1-3) Key regulators of the aging process is the ability to maintain cellular quality including the removal of defective, damaged and toxic proteins. In the cell, proteasomes, the cellular machinery which removes damaged protein in conjunction with lysosomal  autophagy are involved in the removal of damaged protein and...

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