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Short Chain Fatty Acids - Optimizing Metabolic Energy and Longevity

May 01, 2016

How and to what extent microbes influence on health is a relatively new area of study. Amazingly,  the influence of gut microbiota on general health and longevity is only now becoming understood. Recent attention is scientific areas concern the importance of intestinal microbes and how they affect not only health of the the gut but also overall health of the body.(1) An area of keen interest is the production of Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs) by microbial fermentation in the gut and how it can significantly improve health.(2) Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs - acetic acid, propionic acid and butyric acid) are produced as a fermentation byproduct of soluble fiber (e.g nuts, seeds, certain vegetables) by microbes in the large...

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Chemicals and Pesticides - Impact on Brain Aging & Neurodegeneration

April 07, 2016

Aging and degeneration of the brain is affected by both internal and environmental factors. This includes the pesticide residue found on foods. Disruption of brain homeostasis, associated with aging,  results in amyloid plaques and neuro fibrillary tangles. However, the wide pervasiveness of chemicals, including pesticides, in our modern age are now suspected of playing a major role in neurodegenerative diseases. An important source of chemicals are the pesticides which are pervasive in our environment and food. Chemicals have been associated with Parkinson's Disease, autism, Alzheimer's Disease and Huntington's Disease. In fact, environmental chemicals affect the brain in a similar manner as aging. Chemicals act by disrupting the microtubules in the neurons through an increase in free radical generation.(1) Microtubules play...

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Anti-Stress Effects - Schisandra & Rhodiola Rosea

March 14, 2016

Stress is unfortunately too common in everyday living and may have major consequences on mental and physical health and longevity. Hormones produced as a component of the stress response including cortisol and corticosterones can damage cells and tissues. Stress may significantly impact the body, including acceleration of the aging process, including aging of the skin and brain.  Animals studies replicating the effects of repeated stress under controlled conditions, showed that administration of Schisandra and Rhodiola Rosea  MARKEDLY DECREASED levels of stress hormones, producing a strong anti-stress effect. Researchers concluded that effects on stress were the result of a balancing effect on the HPA (Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal) axis.                                LONGEVITY NATURALLY (Schisandra and Rhodiola Powder Complex)   REFERENCES: (1) Xia N, et...

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Exercise Performance - VO2Max for Performance with Age

March 08, 2016

As with most body functions, exercise performance decreases and muscle function decline with age. Key to anti-aging exercise is the maintenance of the ability of the heart to ensure power, balance, maximum oxygen consumption (VO2 max) and healthy blood pressure in humans.   Arjuna Extract - Supports healthy heart muscle tone, and improves heart contraction ability. Arjuna has been shown to support endurance in athletic performance. In a study involving young adults, terminalia arjuna increased VO2 max. Further, authors of the study concluded that arjuna may enhance cardiovascular endurance and athletic performance.(1) Red Spinach Extract (Source of Nitrates) - Provides dual source of energy for mitochondria - for a surge in energy - and increase muscle efficiency during exercise.(2-4) In...

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